Security Risk Assessments in Savannah, GA

Need a HIPAA Assessment?Need a HIPAA Assessment?  Tier3MD, one of the leaders in IT support for medical practices can perform a HIPAA security risk assessment to help you meet core measure 15 for meaningful use.  Our tools can give you a very thorough assessment, along with a new, updated policy and procedure manual.  We are IT people.  We know what you need!

Tier3MD has been doing security risk assessments since 2010.  No two are the same.  We take your network and assess it for YOU.  Not everyone has the same network.  We can also remedy any issues that arise. Keep in mind that we are IT people 🙂  If you had someone perform the security risk assessment, and you have problems that need to be resolved, we can do that for you as well.

Just need a policy and procedure manual?  We are happy to help with that.  Each policy is created for your practice, and put into a binder for further updating and refining.  We feel the policy and procedure manual is a living document and we want to make sure you are able to continue to revise it.

If you need a HIPAA assessment, contact the Tier3MD office at 855-698-4373.  We are happy to assist you.