The launch of the North Carolina Tier3MD operation, in partnership with Trans Global Communications, has been extremely successful and has exceeded our expectations.  Trans Global’s extensive network engineering and installation experience acquired over 30 years of operation, combined with Tier3MD’s nearly 15 years of experience with proactive IT support to the healthcare community, has proven to be a very strong combination.

We held a Lunch and Learn event in January which was attended by nearly 50 physicians and managers during January in Durham.  Based on the strong feedback on the IDC-10 topic, we plan to hold more of these events covering relevant topics.

One of the critical success factors for our new operation is to demonstrate a strong commitment to customer support and satisfaction.  In that regard, two full-time account managers have been on our staff since the launching of the business.  Their job is to ensure that our clients are supported during finalization of the initial agreements and to ensure that our ongoing services meet the client’s expectations.

Please contact one of our Account Managers if you would like more information on our company or services, or would like to be on our contact list for lunch and learn events.


Bill Reynolds

Cell: 919.402.6247

Billy Baronek

Cell: 919.402.3171