Purchasing Equipment

How to Purchase PC’s and Servers

Purchasing EquipmentNeed help purchasing new equipment for your practice?  Sometimes this can be very confusing.  You may have Allscripts, NextGen, eCW, or any of the EMR’s available on the market today.  If so, purchasing could be a challenge.  Below is what you need to consider.

The Tier3MD is the perfect place to purchase PC’s, printers, and other computer supplies for your office.  Still, when purchasing on your own, we want to make sure you have the facts necessary to get the best deal possible, and that you get something that will work well in your office.

How to buy a PC

If you have particular needs, many PC vendors allow you to customize and upgrade their base-model PCs with a mind-boggling selection of features. Require extra storage? Pick a larger hard drive. Want extra memory? Load up with 4GB of RAM. Ready to burn Blu-ray Discs or to watch HD DVD movies? Choose an optical drive that supports your preferred format.

If you are going to an EMR, and you have a DOMAIN structure, be sure you do NOT purchase Windows HOME Edition.  This type of operating system will not give you the rights to log on to a domain.

We recommend that you take your time and select only what you need today. If your budget allows, buy what you anticipate needing within the next year.

How to buy a server

First, you need to understand what servers are good at. Servers can be used to house files and manage printers. Better yet, they can manage which users on a network can access which resources, such as various files, folders, applications or printers.  They can serve as machines handling a company’s website, email, databases, remote access and other tasks.   Servers can range from simple, inexpensive tower PCs to sophisticated boxes designed to handle heavy workloads and provide disaster recovery with backup, data redundancy and fault tolerance. Sifting through the vast options in the server market need not be a headache, if you have a good understanding of what your business needs are, how scalable you need a server to be and how critical it is to have that server stay operational in the event of a disaster.  Tier3MD is always here to help with your server selection.  Also, if you need a server, it may be a good time to visit cloud computing, and save yourself that expense.