Practice IT Solutions

Tier3MD has worked hard to provide the best practice IT solutions for you and your staff.  The tools we use will help you run your practice using outstanding technology, and very simple processes.

Practice IT SolutionsWe feel that practice IT solutions involve 3 important things.  Technology, software and processes.  At Tier3MD, in order to provide the very best practice IT solutions, we use a combination of all 3 of these, so we could help you streamline your practice, and see patients quickly, easily and effectively day in and day out.

Let’s start with Technology.  Technology refers to the collection of tools, including hardware, i.e. printers, routers, hubs, PC’s, switches, servers, etc.  that are used by us to automate and improve your ability to work effectively. Technology changes because your needs change.  So that we can continue to provide practice IT solutions, we keep up with all the latest and greatest technology, and we bring it to you.

Software – Software is basically computer programs.  Software is used to run the technology. Part of the Tier3MD practice IT solutions is to help you decide on what software is good to run your billing, electronic health records, dictation, accounting, etc.  We want you to understand what you are buying, and how it will work within your practice.

Processes – Process need to be created to use the software effectively.  Processes can also include non technical items, such as sorting the mail and taking the checks and entering them into quickbooks.  Part of our practice IT solutions is to help you develop processes that than work seamlessly with the technology and software you currently have in place.

The main goal of Tier3MD is to provide outstanding practice IT solutions.  We want to be your partner.  We want to be your “go to” people.  We are fully qualified, and our experience takes us over the top.  We would be happy to discuss our practice IT solutions with you.  For more information, contact us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!