Outsourcing vs Inhouse Staff

I love the argument of outsourcing vs inhouse staff.  It’s a loaded question.  Should you outsource your IT?  How do you decide?  Is it expensive?  These are the questions we are most asked when talking about IT services to Office Managers and Physicians.  Outsourcing vs in-house staff.  The debate continues.

Information Technology Services (ITS) is rapidly becoming a critical component of managing a practice. As we have seen the changes in the industry, the IT staff has become more important than ever.  So the question is…do we outsource, or hire an in-house staff?

First off, you will need to assess your needs.  Which is more important to you?  Having someone at your practice 40 hours per week to tend to any issues or questions the staff may have?  Having someone come in 10-20 hours per week to assist in hardware/software issues?  Having a “go to team”?  What is your priority?

10 Advantages of an outsourced team

Outsourcing vs Inhouse staff1.  Lower cost

2.  Helpdesk services

3.  Broad knowledge base

4.  You will have an IT Team instead of an individual

5.  No worries when your IT person goes on vacation

6.  Better understanding of the medical industry

7.  Remote management tools

8.  Certified engineers

9.  More resources available when needed

10.  CIO/CTO services available

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