Outsourced Healthcare IT Support

Tier3MD provides outsourced healthcare IT support.  We have been in business since 2005, and only focus on the medical community.  IT outsourcing is very advantageous in many ways.  For years, people have been writing articles on outsourcing and in-house IT.  We have an article on this website for outsourcing vs. in-house staff.

Today, more and more medical practices are outsourcing their medical IT support.  There are many reasons practices are deciding to put the core of their business in the hands of other businesses.  Let’s examine why.

When Tier3MD first opened, we had to discuss the benefits of outsourced healthcare IT support.  Flash forward to now, and they physicians and practice managers will tell us the benefits.  Quite a change from 2005! Practices are now learning the value of the outsourced healthcare IT support and can easily make this crucial decision that affects the practice.  With EMR’s in place, practices cannot afford downtime. They need a fast, efficient and qualified company to work with.  That’s where Tier3MD fits in.  We have been the trusted outsourced healthcare IT support group for Georgia, and have now expanded our physical locations into North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Savannah and Texas.  We plan to open 60 more offices by 2016.

If you would like to be a part of our Reseller team, please contact Sheryl Cherico.