meaningful use fraudAt Tier3MD, we will do your HIPAA and network assessments.  Our network assessment reports will give you a clear vision into your network.  We run 3 series of reports to help you identify vulnerabilities on your network.


Our standard network reports include the following: Client Risk Report, Network Management Report, Full Detail Report, Excel Report Summary, Site Diagram, Asset List, End of Life equipment, Deep layer scanning.


Our security reports include shared permission reports, permissions by user, login failures, login history and user behavior analysis.


Our thorough HIPAA reports include a full HIPAA policy and procedure manual, HIPAA risk analysis, HIPAA management plan, Evidence of a HIPAA Assessment and a HIPAA Plan powerpoint.  We also include all supporting documentation.

Having a good assessment including network reports is a great way to evaluate your network, and stay safe while being HIPAA compliant.  Contact us today for your network reports.