Network Architecture & Design


Mipadost of your network architecture & Design is done by your Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Information Technology (IT) Director,   What exactly does this mean?  It is a job title commonly given to the most senior executive in an enterprise responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support enterprise goals. Generally, the CIO reports to the chief executive officer, chief operating officer or chief financial officer.

This is a great service for practices that do not have a full time IT staff but need the benefits of professional, high level consulting and design.  We can assist your staff with choosing software for your practice, choosing new equipment, and implementing new technology that could result in cost savings and an overall increase in ROI. A small/medium size practice would not need to employ a full time CIO/CTO, however can use the benefits to help guide the practice.

This service is extremely useful when the need arises to architect or design a new infrastructure.  Sometiems moving an office, opening a second office, or moving from paper records to an Electronic Medical Record could use high level, CIO/CYO services.  With our experience, we can help you create a stable, secure network that will improve the efficiency of your office and your office staff.

The Tier3MD CIO services are always available to every customer.  Practices can call and schedule an appointment just to go over the in’s and out’s of the practice and discuss whether or not your IT needs are being met.  Our CIO can provide great insight as to what your practice can do more efficiently using new technology, and phasing out old legacy, non supported technology.

If you need a consultation with one of our CIO’s, please feel free to contact the Tier3MD helpdesk at 855-MYTIER3 (698-4373).  we are always happy to assist you.