Mississippi Healthcare IT Services

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Managed IT Services in Mississippi.  Our Mississippi team is a leading service provider in Jackson. Find out why so many practices and healthcare organizations hire Tier3MD for their excellent service offerings.

Tier3MD has a 24/7 support desk that can help you with any type of IT problem throughout the entire state of Mississippi, but the Jackson office offers in person solutions for practices that need a little extra support.
Mississippi medical IT services include:

If you don’t want to host your own network, take advantage of Tier3MD’s cloud hosting. Because our specialty is healthcare practices and facilities, we always make sure that our hosting and technical services are HIPAA compliant and completely secure.

Our cloud services work hand-in-hand with your EMR software. Our team offers top-notch service and EMR support to complete the cloud services for any EMR solutions your practice may need. We offer EMR support so that any EMR issues that may arise can be swiftly resolved.

Depending upon your practice location in Mississippi, our remote managed services may be the best option for your practice. Our technicians can monitor your equipment and technology remotely so your office is always protected. This proactive solution is often preferred to working with a company that requires scheduling an appointment for a resolution, costing your practice extra money.

Our network servicing can be utilized through many of the packages Tier3MD offers. Our 24/7 technical helpdesk can remotely fix any technology problems that come your way. Our team also remotely monitors your equipment for any spyware or malware that may try to infiltrate your network. Trust Tier3MD with your network servicing and monitoring needs.

To find out the entire list of services that our branch offers, fill out our online contact form.

Not sure if you need IT support for your Mississippi Practice? Speak with our representatives at 1-855-MYTIER3 (855-698-4373) ext 3003 to see if our services match with any of your practice’s needs.