Looking for a good IT firm to provide medical practice IT support?  Tier3MD does just that!  We only focus on medical practice IT support!

Medical Practice IT Support

Computer workProviding medical practice IT support is different than providing IT support for small and medium businesses, however the concept is the same.  Medical practices ARE small and medium businesses, and operate in a very similar capacity.  They have employees, benefits, payroll, marketing needs, customers (although we call them patients), accountants, lawyers and management.  Still, medical practice IT support is totally different.

Since 2005, Tier3MD has specialized in medical practice IT support.  “It really just made sense”, says Sheryl Cherico, CEO of Tier3MD.  “Medical networks need attention from a company that focuses solely on Medical Practice IT Support.  A network is usually consistent, and somewhat standard, but a medical network could have some very complicated pieces to it, that help with patient care and diagnosis.  Think about the complexity and EMR can bring to a network.  How about an X-Ray machine?  Ultrasound?  Transcription?  There are many different ways that medical practices can differ from other networks.

At Tier3MD, our main focus is medical practice IT support.  We constantly keep up with all the laws, rules, regulations and HIPAA.  We need to understand your business to better serve you.

Why Choose Tier3MD?

Tier3MD has the experience and knowledge to keep your medical practice running smoothly.  Our extensive list of clients include every specialty, allowing us to understand your practice, and your needs.  We understand the flow of medical practice IT support, and what it takes to relieve you of the burden of managing computer systems.  We are the leader in IT support for medical practices.

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