Medical Industry Education

Tier3MD education videos are free and easy to understand.  We enjoy putting these out for Physicians, practice managers, and staff.  If you have a certain topic that you would like us to research and post a video, please let us know.  We would be happy to create a video for your topic.  Tier3MD is your medical education IT partner.

Understanding the medical industry is our number one focus.  You IT provider is your partner, not just a vendor.  It is important that we understand your practice as much as you do.  Workflow, software, technology, are all things we assist with.

Thank you for watching the Tier3MD videos.


If you would like more information on our medical industry education, and education partners, please contact our office.  We are also accepting topics for lunch and learns, blogs, and round tables.  Let us know what interests you and we will make it happen!

Tier3MD works with the best medical partners in the industry to make sure we provide you good, thorough and accurate information to help you run your practice.  We are constantly on top of the latest and greats topics as well as new technology that can help you.  We screen all of our partners to make sure they are the “top of the line” as far as knowledge, and what they have to offer.  We only recommend the best, and get our information from trustworthy, reliable sources.  Contact us for more information.