Medical IT Service and Support


Medical IT service and supportTier3MD has been providing top notch medical IT services and support to the Southeast since 2005.  In 2009, we expanded into the mid-west, and continue to expand across the country.  Providing medical IT service and support is completely different than providing service and support to other industries.  We find that the medical industry is very complex, and you need a medical IT service and support group to keep up with the ever changing demands of the medical industry.

In the last 5 years, the Government has made changes that your medical practice IT support provider needs to understand, and understand well.  If your practice wants to qualify for meaningful use, ICD-10 changes, and HIPAA compliancy, it is imperative that your medical IT service and support group stays not only up on these changes, but ahead of them.

Medical offices have different levels of complexity.  Because of our experience supporting all medical specialties, we could come in and make an immediate impact on your business.  Do you use X-Ray systems?  Do Ultrasounds?  Need an EMR?  Need to interface to different systems and share medical information?  We get it.  It’s our job.

Tier3MD has been providing top notch medical IT service and support since 2005.  We are proud to partner with some of the finest medical practices in the country, helping them take their practice to a higher level.  If you would like to take your medical practice to another level, and partner with  one of the best healthcare IT support and service companies in the country, then Tier3MD is the right choice for you.  We will come on-site, look at your network, and provide you with a free consultation of the state of your network.  Your practice is important to you…and your practice is important to us.

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