Arkansas Healthcare IT Services

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Is your medical practice or facility in need of IT support that is specialized for the healthcare industry? Tier3MD’s IT support team in Arkansas are ready to support local practices with their information technology needs.

At Tier3MD, we work to monitor your network and database to provide IT security and protection for your patient base. Our available programs are able to keep your technology safe and secure so that it stays HIPAA compliant.

Some Tier3MD services practices in Arkansas receive:

Many practices struggle in keeping up-to-date with HIPAA compliance throughout all of their technology and methodology. Tier3MD can provide HIPAA compliance training and services so that your staff can focus on patient care while adhering to guidelines and regulations.

In addition to providing excellent service, our Tier3MD team can host your network via cloud technology. This means that your staff will be able to access their work from anywhere, because their network is based in the cloud instead of in-office.

Whether there is a problem with your medical equipment or if there is a problem with your servers, our team at Tier3MD can provide 24/7 support. Our helpdesk is structured in tier format so that our clients receive support that’s needed, no matter what level of experience necessary to solve your IT problem.

Our Arkansas team is able to provide EMR support for your practice. Many times, when you speak with your EMR software vendor about technology problems, they will route you to your IT service providers. Tier3MD will receive your call first, then speak with the EMR system in order to find a resolution for your team quickly.

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Tier3MD’s Arkansas team is able to provide specialized IT support for your practice remotely or via a technician. If you are in need of specialized IT support in Arkansas, call Tier3MD to learn how our team can help yours. Speak with a representative from our Arkansas office at 1-855-698-4373 ext 3011 for details.