Working with a Managed Service Providerroviding a well managed and maintained network goes way beyond the day to day support and maintenance.  As you know, technology changes rapidly and keeping up with the latest is not only necessary at times, but can be cost saving.  At Tier3MD, we work with your practice to make sure your staff has all the tools it needs to keep your network safe, running properly, and cost effective.  In one word, your network needs stability.  To get stability, you will need to periodically perform various IT projects.


Having a stable network is the backbone to your practice.  Without stability, it will be very difficult to see patients, and provide quality healthcare.  Because of this, Tier3MD will assess your network on an annual, and bi-annual basis and make suggestions to improve, stabilize, and grow your current network.  IT projects add value to your practice, and as your technical partner, it is our job, and our duty, to inform you when new technology is better for you, or that your old technology is at a point where it is ready to fail.    Why wait until the network falls down?  Let’s take care of it NOW!

Our Projects

At Tier3MD, our projects include looking at your network as a whole. We go through every inch of your network, including individual workstations, and provide solutions for you, the customer.  Sometimes, we just like it to be on your radar.  It doesn’t need to be implemented immediately.  We know you like to budget, so we want to make sure that you are aware of the IT costs you may have for the current year.

If you would like Tier3MD to come out and assess your network, contact us at 855-698-4373.  We are always happy to help!