IT Outsourcing

Do you have an inhouse IT staff?  If so, it may be time to to use IT Outsourcing.  Over the years, IT Outsourcing has evolved into the most reliable, productive way to support your medical practice network.

Most practices do not require the use of a full time IT support staff.  Because of this, may practices still use someone part time, which means this person has a full time job, and can come over when he/she is finished working for the day.  With electronic medical records and the low tolerance to downtime, this model is no longer acceptable.  You need to be able to pick up the phone, and have your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

With IT outsourcing, you will find that getting help is not only simpler, its cheaper!  Instead of being charged a minimum of one hour plus travel to do something simple, you may only be charged in a 15 minute increment.  (This is solely based on the managed service provider).

The biggest benefit to IT outsourcing, is the expediency in getting your issue resolved.  Let’s say you are working on something important, and an issue causes you to not be able to work.  How convenient is it for you to pick up the phone and call Tier3MD to get your problem resolved?  Priceless?

For more information on IT outsourcing, contact the Tier3MD sales department.