Internal Network MonitoringInternal Network Monitoring

We know how important security is to your practice.  Tier3MD now offers a fully customized internal network security service.  We already have you covered with traditional security safeguards like firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware.  While necessary,  these platforms target only a portion of your cyber security defense by protecting the perimeter of your network from external threats.  But…did you know that most experts find that 70% of all breaches and threats originate from INSIDE the network. leaving you vulnerable where you might least expect!

Sorry to say but these threats to your practice occur far more often than you might think.  Mostly, it is through unintentional clicks, or unauthorized user access to your network.  With the increasing number of data breaches, it is clear that conventional malware-focused security infrastructure is only part of what we need to do to protect your practice, and secure you ePHI.

Now Tier3MD can help you protect your practice from misconfiguration, alteration, or destruction of these valuable practice resources.  Contact us today for a free consultation!