Tips for understanding HIPAA

Tips for understanding HIPAABelow are some great tips for understanding HIPAA.

01. Understand the deadlines and move to compliance.  The HHS site is a good place to find this information.

02. Know your compliance requirements. Keep up with the HIPAA requirements via websites, webinars, etc.

03. Prioritize your compliance activities. Create a budget for outdated equipment, risk assessments, EMR, etc.

04. Ask the right questions.

05. Choose and use consultants wisely.

06. Learn from trusted sources.

07. Separate fact from fiction.  There are a lot of “sales” traps out there.  Get the facts

08. Visit Web site resources often for the latest updates.

09. Talk to your patients. Understanding your patients will help you understand their needs.

10. Look to the AMA for updates.  There are many resources available to you through this site.


There is so much to HIPAA that every once in a while we need to take a step back, and just look at the basics.  We have come up with 10 useful HIPAA tips that can help you run your practice more efficiently.  Tier3MD can act as your HIPAA consultant. We can help with your security risk assessment (required for meaningful use) and we can help you get your policy and procedure manual together.  Our network tools can scan your network and provide top notch reporting.


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