Medical IT helpdesk for businessesMedical IT Helpdesk for Businesses


Tier3MD has certified Engineers on the helpdesk answering calls from all over the country.  If you are a single IT person, small IT company, or a large IT company, our helpdesk can do the work for you.  We are fully staffed and are able to scale up quickly if needed.

Having a helpdesk doing remote support can save you 1-2 full time employees, plus expedite the resolution.  Contact us today for more information.


Many small businesses would like to expand to offer medical IT support but do not have the experienced resources.  With Tier3MD, we can give you that experience to help you expand your existing IT company, or small business.

Advantages of a Medical IT helpdesk:

1) It’s a single place to report issues and provide follow up

The IT help desk provides a centralized location to deal with technical issues. Staff doesn’t have to wonder if they should call a particular engineer or programmer or member of the support team. They simply dial the IT help desk with the knowledge that they are trained to handle complex problems.

2) Ticketing system

An IT help desk can make sure that issues are handled in the order they are received by generating tickets for your staff. This also provides a time frame for when the problem should be resolved and a history of the ticket handling.

3) Standardization

The staff of an IT help desk can be trained on a common set of procedures. This provides a systematic approach for when they have to handle technical issues – they’ll start with the most common solution, and move on from there. This tends to solve problems much better than trying out different things at random to see if they work.

4) Collaboration

The IT help desk staff meets regularly to discuss common issues, procedures, and better ways to effectively escalate tickets, and resolve them in a timely manner.

5) Proactive prevention

The IT help desk can use the information they gather on a daily basis to run performance reports. These can then show which computer systems and pieces of hardware are consistently experiencing bottleneck issues. The company can then be proactive about replacing them (provided it’s within the budget) and not have to worry about the system suddenly going at an inopportune time.

6) Performance surveys

It can often be difficult to accurately judge job performance. An IT help desk can manage this issue by sending out automatic surveys after an issue is concluded. If the IT staff took too long to solve the problem or behaved in an unprofessional manner, the survey will reflect that.  Tier3MD sends out surveys after the ticket resolution process.


If you are a small IT company, you know how time consuming it can be to stop what you are doing to install a printer.  User the Tier3MD helpdesk for your business!