Free Network Assessment

Tier3MD_Broken_ComputerWhen was the last time you had your network evaluated?  It is good business practice to have someone come in and look at your network.  Tier3MD is happy to perform a free network assessment for up to one hour, and help guide you to a more secure, stable network.Tier3MD will perform a free network assessment to help guide to to a stronger, stable, more secure network. With our free network assessment, we will check your network infrastructure, your backups, your firewall, you domain user policy, password management and more.  We can help you understand what you need to do to be HIPAA compliant.

With ePHI and the HIPAA laws, understanding your network is more important than ever before.  Keep in mind that if you have electronic patient records, you need to protect and secure it.  You need to have policies, procedures, physical, technical and administrative safeguards in place.

For your free network assessment, we will come out to your office and do a visual assessment, as well as run our data tools.  We will be able to see any glaring weaknesses, and in many cases, identify any vulnerabilities you have.  Having a free network assessment is really what we consider to be best business practice.  Yes, you have HIPAA to adhere to, but having your network analyzed for vulnerabilities is a good thing to do.  When do you find out you have a problem?  When you have a problem!

Tier3MD has a Certified HIPAA adviser on staff, and Computer Certified Engineers.  Our staff keeps up with all the latest and greatest technology, and can easily help you maximize your network.  Our knowledge of the medical industry is a great value to our customers.  Focuses only on medical allows us to be the “experts” in network management for medical practices.  Our partnerships with some of the leading medical industry suppliers helps us understand your practice, and gives us the edge in understanding what you need to fully secure your network.

If you are interested in our free network assessment, please contact us today.  There are no hidden fees.  We are happy to assist you in securing your very important sensitive data.