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Because we understand what you need, Tier3MD has put together an electronic store to help you purchase what you need for your practice.  Do you have Allscripts and need a PC?  Simply click on the Allscripts bundle to have all of the specifications at your fingertips.


Tier3MD will assist you in ordering, delivering and installing your new equipment.  Now that the Windows XP deadline has passed, you can focus more on your HIPAA security, and  work on knowing that your network is compliant.  Upgrading your equipment is a great step, but you still need antivirus, patch management, antispyware and various updates.  With our remote managed services, you don’t need to do anything!  For a low monthly price, we do it for you!  We make sure that all of your equipment is properly managed.  We can even send you monthly reporting!

Just an FYI, in July, 2015, Microsoft will be sun setting Windows Server 2003.  This is something that will take planning on your part, so please contact your IT provider within the next couple of months to come up with a seamless plan.  This may be a good time to go to the cloud.  Also, Microsoft has stopped support for Office 2003.  Most of you should be off that product by now, but if you are not, you will not be able to receive support for Office 2003, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

If you would like to talk to someone at Tier3MD about financing or leasing your equipment, please contact our sales department at sales@tier3md.com.  We can help you order what you need, and make monthly payments that can easily slip into your budget.  We are happy to help!

You can also purchase remote managed services.  This is the fastest, easiest way to provide support for your practice.  Contact us today!