Disaster Recovery for On-Premise Environments

Disaster Recovery for On-Premise EnvironmentsServeRestore, our cloud disaster recovery solution for on-premise physical servers, is often called our “better than backup” solution.  Traditional backup approaches lack the flexibility and efficiency of virtualization, requiring manual, time-consuming backup and restoral processes or complex server failover configurations.  That could take days.

With ServeRestore, our engineers pre-build a fully configured virtual environment for your data.  When disaster strikes, we fully manage the recovery of your servers, configuring them to run within our cloud environment in just a couple of hours*.

You continue to operate from our virtual environment for up to two weeks.  Then, you can decide to stay in the cloud or purchase hardware and rebuild your on-premise environment.  The choice is yours.  However, to date, 100% of businesses who have failed over to a virtual environment have chosen to remain there permanently.

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