Desktop Management as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop Management as a Service (DaaS)In an increasingly mobile world, businesses and providers are continually looking for new ways to manage the bring your own device (BYOD) movement while facing a growing number of data security concerns and threats.  With our Desktop Management as a Service (Daas) offering, we can provide secure desktop management, and make it easy and manageable. 

With DaaS, deployment and management of the desktop environment is simplified. Data and applications are accessed through a virtual environment, allowing medical practices and  staff to support, patch and maintain one environment rather than managing individual desktops throughout an organization.

And, with one central environment, your data is more secure while still allowing users the flexibility to choose between working on desktop or mobile devices.

The benefits of DaaS

The popularity of Desktop Management as a Service, or DaaS is growing primarily because of its ability to make IT providers faster and more efficient. Instead  of supporting and maintaining desktops on a 1:1 basis, we update the base desktop image using a 1:many approach. This allows us to onboard new users faster and support existing desktops, with application updates and fixes, more efficiently.

DaaS is an attractive security option because data and  applications reside in the cloud, and not on end user devices that are easy targets because of weaker security tools and lenient security practices from end user’s themselves.  And, because every user’s environment is virtual, desktop images are automatically synced and always available.

DaaS simplifies desktop management so that you can manage more efficiently while saving the practice money.


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