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Easy Management Desktop as a Service

KeyboardTier3MD now offers Desktop as a Service, or DaaS.  We can simplify desktop management, while keeping your network secure.

Your staff, including Providers, need to access medical records from any device and be productive anywhere, anytime. Practice requirements are changing as organizations strive to stay competitive and efficient. IT not only needs to support several devices but also protect the practices data and maintain HIPAA compliance. For certain use cases, storing the data on the device may not be ideal or may not meet your data security requirements .The Tier3MD Desktop Virtualization offering provides you with a solution to address your staff and Providers needs while giving you peace of mind with scale and data protection.


Benefits for your Practice

1.  You can run windows desktops and apps anywhere.

2.  You can scale quickly to meet the needs of your practice.

3.  Centralized security and management.

4.  Provide a much more robust user experience.

5.  Easily maintain HIPAA compliance.

Tier3MD can offer desktop as a service to all practices.  Take advantage of the progressive technology to keep your data safe and secure.  It’s a great way to get a handle on your systems, and is a cost saving measure.


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