Cyber Insurance Verification

With an alarming uptick in data breaches and ransomware in recent years, an increasing number of practices have opted to add Cyber Risk Insurance to protect themselves from catastrophic loss.


But as the threat landscape continues to expand, many insurance companies are restricting payouts by creating more claim exceptions and exclusions. Some of these are clearly stated, while others are hidden within confusing policy applications. This leaves many policy-holders vulnerable to holding the short-end of the stick when the insurer looks to disqualify a claim.


Cyber Insurance Verification ensures that companies with Cyber Risk Insurance actually get paid in the event of a claim by automatically verifying the accuracy of information submitted on the original insurance application and then documenting on an ongoing basis, that the business has used “due care” to reasonably secure their computer network against a breach.


This service is included upon request to all Tier3MD new and existing customers opting for a security risk assessment.