First off, thank you for being a great Tier3MD customer!  We truly value your business, and the trust you put into us.  If you are not a Tier3MD customer, it’s not too late! We want to help you too!

Tier3MD is your managed service provider (MSP) and your IT partner.  We work hard to keep your workstations, servers, printers and network stable and running.  We currently provide remote support, on-site support, and IT consulting.  We are also providing anti-virus, anti-spyware and 24/7 monitoring of your PCs and servers for critical alerts, disk usage, system failures, expired warranties, etc.

You may have noticed the uptick in ransomware attacks and viruses.  At Tier3MD, we have investigated many products and have purchased products at a volume discount so we can pass that on to you.  These are extra costs and are not provided in your current Managed IT Service Agreement.

We are happy to offer you a Managed Security as a Service Agreement in addition to your Managed IT Service Agreement.  Each agreement will be tailormade to your practice and security needs. Click Here to let us create your custom security package.