Tier3MD_Cloud_Backup | Cloud storage solution With Tier3MD’s Continuity 24/7, our customers can have peace of mind knowing that they have a reliable, cost effective, secure and dependable cloud storage solution.  HIPAA requires a good, solid backup/disaster recovery option, and we have one for you,

Our backup solution, Continuity 24/7,  offers a lower barrier to entry for small or large practices looking to protect their data. It minimizes the initial investment, making it an attractive option for price-sensitive practices, yet also allows service providers to scale the relationship as business continuity requirements dictate over time. Backup also minimizes onsite infrastructure, making it an effective option for practices that have less time-critical BDR requirements. It’s powerful enough that practices can rest assured that their sensitive data is secure and protected by the best BDR solution available.

Continuity247 Backup Features

• Continuous Data Protection is automated, always-on technology that’s constantly backing up changes in data; it allows data restores from any point in time.

• Comprehensive data verification utilizes multiple verification processes, and tests backups to ensure validity.

• Seamless integration with Continuum RMM.

• Offsite disaster recovery with the Continuum Cloud, built on IBM Cloud infrastructure.

• Multiple cloud storage options—from long-term data archiving to immediate recovery.

• End-to-end encryption of data at rest and in transit protects data at all times.

• Block-level backup provides the fastest backup processes and improved performance.

• Local bare-metal restore for complete system recovery.

• Local VM export for easy on-site deployment and replication.

• Granular file and folder recovery & browsing targets only the files you want restored.

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