Computer Support for Medical Practices

Tier3MD_Blue_ScreenTier3MD understands the complexity of what it takes to support and maintain your network.  You not only need to keep your computers and servers running.  You need to secure them. At Tier3MD, our main focus is computer support for medical practices.  Sure, we can fix other computers, but medical is different, and we understand that.

You medical practice relies on technology on a daily basis to ensure quality of care.  Our job in providing computer support for medical practices is to make sure you have the ability to seamlessly see patients on a daily basis and not worry about the computers and the network.  Our helpdesk and remote tools are available for you to easily pick up the phone and call us for help.  Our Engineers are ready to come on-site when needed and have Tier 3 level engineers to handle the tougher issues.

Like any network, the biggest challenge in providing computer support for medical practices is security.  Tier3MD is a business associate, and we take HIPAA security VERY seriously.  We have our own HIPAA security in place, and we want to make sure you do too.  That is why we offer security risk assessments.  Our assessments will help you attest to core measure 15 for meaningful use.

If you are a medical practice, you want computer support for your practice.  Why would you go elsewhere?  Hire an IT group that understands your practice.  Hire an IT group that understands your workflow, and all of your security needs.

Tier3MD is a national company with offices located throughout the United States.  We can service any client, anywhere in the country.  If you are interested in working with Tier3MD, please contact our office for more information.  Simply email us at