Computer Support Atlanta

Computer Support AtlantaTier3MD provides the best medical computer support Atlanta has to offer.   We have been servicing medical practices since 2005, and continue to grow into one of the largest computer support companies in the country.

Tier3MD has experience with NextGen, Allscripts, AdvancedMD, Centricity, and many more PM/EMR’s.  Our helpdesk takes the first level support call to save you the time in contacting your EMR vendor.  Most of the time it is a quick issue we can resolve.  If we can’t, we help facilitate the helpdesk ticket with your vendor.

Our helpdesk is open 7:30am – 5:30pm est.  After regular business hours, our phones roll over to a live answering service.  The service will open your ticket, and page our technicians.  We certainly understand the medical providers do a lot of work after hours, and even at home.  Time is precious.  If they need help, we need to provide it.

Being a business associate is a job we take very seriously.  Tier3MD works hard to keep you HIPAA compliance, along with our own.  We can help you with your policies and procedures, and our tools can run a thorough assessment on your network.  We can help you find any weaknesses, and help you attest to core measure 15, that a security assessment was performed.  We provide you with full reporting and a summary assessment.

For the convenience of our customers, Tier3MD has its own private cloud.  Is your server at the “end of life”?  Do you have an old application that you need to access once in a while?  Our private cloud is there for you!

About Tier3MD

Headquartered in Atlanta, in 2008 Tier3MD decided to take its show on the road.  With the “wheel” created, we knew we had a model in place to provide not only the best computer support Atlanta had to offer, but anywhere in the country.  We opened up an office in Savannah, GA, moved up the coast to Charleston, and now service most of that area.  In 2010 we opened an office in Chattanooga, TN, and since then, have gone on to open 11 more locations, with 3 scheduled to open in July.

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