What is the Cloud?

What is the cloud?What is the cloud?  What exactly does it mean when someone says “we are moving to the cloud?”  It means they are moving away from the conventional hardware in their office model.

One of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is that you don’t have to build an infrastructure for servers on site, and you also don’t have to refresh your hardware, which you know, is costly.  Another great advantage to cloud computing is you don’t have to worry about a backup solution or disaster recovery. You no longer need complex disaster recovery plans.  Not only are backups done frequently and efficiently, the restore time is now minimal.  You no longer need to order new hardware, rebuild it, load the operating system, and restore your backup.  A site could be back up in 20 minutes.

There are many meanings to what is the cloud, but simply put, the cloud is a way to do business using servers and applications served up through the internet.  If you think about it, you are already doing some sort of business through the cloud.  Online banking?  gmail?  QuickBooks online?  Technically, these are cloud applications.  If we want to dig a little deeper, let’s say you are a 4 location medical practice, and you have your server at one location and the others connect into it.  In some aspects, that can be considered a private cloud.  Your satellite offices are doing business through the internet connecting into your office.  Now let’s take that server and move it into a robust facility with a top of the line server, disaster recovery capabilities, redundant power, higher bandwidth, and HIPAA compliancy.  In essence, your satellite offices are still doing the exact same thing…connecting over the internet.  The difference is you do not need a “server environment” at your main location.


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