The latest and most up to date approach to data storage and healthcare technology lies within cloud-based services. At Tier3MD we provide custom cloud-based hosting and technology solutions for healthcare practices and facilities.

How Can Cloud-Based Technology Help My Practice?

Technology is rapidly changing and adapting to the way different industries work. Less hardware in a medical facility means more office space that can be used to treat patients. Moving to cloud-based services also gives staff the ability to work remotely.

If your office is consistently finding issues with your current network, consider cloud-based solutions from Tier3MD.

What Cloud-Based Services Are Offered?

Our cloud services are broken down into two categories: hosting and servicing. Our cloud-hosting services offer HIPAA compliant solutions that can open up space in your office where hardware used to sit.

Cloud-servicing accounts for off-site backups and private medical cloud IT services.

Both categories maximize the effectiveness of your technology and provide better stability for your practice. This can increase your technology securities and decrease costs of hardware replacement. Learn more about the individual services mentioned by contacting your local office for details.

Cloud-Based Healthcare Technology Solutions from Tier3MD

No two practices are quite the same. That’s why Tier3MD always ensures your IT solutions are custom created for your team and patients. If you’re ready to take the next step with your technology, contact Tier3MD using our Contact Us form or call 1-877-MY-TIER for a custom solution.




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