CIO Services

CIO ServicesAre you a small practice in need of CIO services?  Tier3MD provides CIO services to all of our clients, large and small. At Tier3MD, we easily recognize the need for medical practices to have CIO.  We understand that CIO services are not needed at all times, however they are a necessary part of of running a medical IT infrastructure.

Back in 2005, Tier3MD was started for this exact reason.  Small to medium practices did not have a full time IT staff nor did they need one.  Some practices paid a CIO level IT person to do all the work of maintaining a network, such as installing new PC’s, fixing printers, helping users, etc.  This may not be the most effective way to spend IT dollars, but practices were afraid to not have an “IT Genius” helping guide the practice.  Still, they needed a high level of expertise in order to move the practice forward, and into an electronic health record.  CIO were not only necessary, but vital.  The guidance a CIO could provide could save a practice thousands of dollars.  A small practice would not employ an in-house CIO.  It would be affordable, plus,  there would be no reason to.

With full medical IT support from Tier3MD, CIO services are automatically included.  Once a practice signs on for IT management with Tier3MD, our CIO is the first to analyze the practice as we move forward to provide IT support.  We find that presenting the physician or practice manager with an in depth analysis is the best way to guide a practice, and help move them into an electronic medical record.

CIO services are also necessary for medical equipment.  Helping a practice implement digital X-rays, ultrasound systems, etc., takes a high level of planning an preparation.  At Tier3MD, this type of service is included in your monthly IT contract.  With our medical IT experience, we find that providing these type of services are vital to your practice.

Tier3MD is happy to provide CIO services at no additional charge to your practice.  Contact us today.