Tier3MD Named Tech Elite Solutions Provider

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:           Sheryl Cherico Tier3MD                                               770-670-6840 x2201 Sheryl.Cherico@tier3md.com   Tier3MD Named One of 2018 Tech Elite Solution Providers by CRN® Tech Elite 250 list recognizes IT solution providers with deep technical expertise and premier certifications Atlanta, GA … Read More

Tier3MD Helpdesk

Have you had the experience of using the Tier3MD helpdesk?  I am so proud of this crew!  They are the face of Tier3MD, and the most underrated group of people in the company.  I am truly blown away at what … Read More

Digital Forensics

Tier3MD now offers digital forensics!  “We felt that this was the part that was missing from our extensive security offering” says Sheryl Cherico, CEO.  “We need to be able to protect our clients, and give them the ability to uncover … Read More

Good Backups

Good backups are priceless.  I had a client this weekend become infected with a ransomware virus.  When this happens, we shut down immediately, and restore from backup (along with other safety measures).  So when do you think you find out … Read More

2018 Plans

Have you started thinking about your 2018 plans?  I started thinking about them in 2015, and now it’s here!  As a business owner, I always like to plan in 3-5 year increments.  Of course, the goal is always to provide … Read More

Data Breaches and Hacks

In our electronic world of computers, tablets, smartphones, IoT devices and more, data breaches and hacks are now becoming the norm.  Believe me…I hate to admit that out loud.  At first, when data breaches and hacks came to the forefront, … Read More

Are your Backups Scary?

Are Your Backups Scary? “The SCARY Misunderstanding Most Business Owners Have About Their Backup System” Unless you’ve been living in a tomb, you know you should be backing up your computers and server. But here’s something you probably DON’T know … Read More

Dark Web Monitoring

Tier3MD can now provide dark web monitoring with its new comprehensive security bundle offering.  This a great product to add to your existing security products and procedures.  You can never be too safe on the internet.  This product is extremely … Read More

Managing IT Expectations

Believe it or not, IT expectations need to be managed.  Everyone that contacts us has an urgent issue, or they wouldn’t be contacting us.  A lot of what Tier3MD spends time on is managing IT expectations. Managing IT Expectations When … Read More

Doctors Office IT Services

The main thing that Tier3MD provides is doctors office IT services.  When we started back in 2005, we were already entrenched in doctors office IT services so we just decided to keep it going.  I had planned that at some … Read More