Case Studies

Tier3MD has many case studies that we will be posting.  Please see the Case Study links below that tell the stories of why our clients chose Tier3MD and what we were able to accomplish for them.

Check back often as NEW Case Study links will be added on a regular basis.

Case StudiesTier3MD has helped hundreds of physicians save money and gain efficiency in their medical practice.  By understanding how a medical practice works, and where there are inefficiencies in the technical aspect of the practice that you may not be aware of.  In most cases, we are able to help implement new technologies that can assist the practice in providing quality patient care.  We don’t expect the physicians or practice manager to know what is the “latest and greatest’ technology for their practice.  They count on us to constantly keep on top of what is happening in the industry, and how it can help their practice.  It is our job to make suggestions about technology, and to keep our clients updated on technology they can use in their office.  Below are a few case studies where Tier3MD has gone into an office, and made a huge difference.

Woolfson Eye Institute

Tier3MD_Case Study_WoolfsonEyeInst


Palmetto Health Council

Tier3MD Case Study Palmetto Health Council


Dr. Michael A. Quinones (Medical Director for Tier3MD)

Tier3MD Case Study Dr. Quinones


ROSA (Radiation Oncology Service of America) of Georgia

Tier3MD Case Study ROSA

Tier3MD has been helping practices implement technology since 2005.  We cover every specialty, and have worked with almost every EMR on the market.  Medical IT Support is our business.  We understand the workflow of the medical practice, along with various equipment, such as xrays, dexascans, echo’s & ultrasounds, dictation, DICOM, PACS, scanning, scheduling, practice management, billing, scheduling and much more.

Tier3MD helps practices identify technology that can make life in your practice a little easier.  Do you have any manual worksheets?  Paper charts?  Old databases?  Old computers?  Are you HIPAA compliant?  When was the last time you assessed your technology?  Is what you are doing expensive?  Let us help you with your technology needs.  If you would like Tier3MD to come to your practice and assess your technology, please schedule an appointment.  Our staff will gladly come to your office and provide a professional network assessment.