Bring Your Own Device

BYODBring your own device (BYOD) (also called bring your own technology (BYOT), bring your own phone (BYOP), and bring your own PC (BYOPC)) refers to the policy of permitting employees to bring personally owned mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) to their workplace, and use those devices to access privileged company information.

Is BYOD a good idea?

That depends.  In some cases, it could improve employee productivity because they are more comfortable with the technology they chose themselves.  Still, in the medical office, BYOD has resulted in data breaches.  For example, if an employee uses a smartphone to access the company network and then loses that phone, untrusted parties could retrieve any unsecured data on the phone. Another type of security breach occurs when an employee leaves the company, they do not have to give back the device, so company applications and other data may still be present on their device.

Here are some things to think about  if you are going to allow employees to bring in their own devices.
  • Device security
  • Corporate owned vs. BYOD
  • Carriers
  • Reimbursement
  • App management
  • OS corporate alignment
  • Feature usage such as SMS, WiFi, Bluetooth and cameras

While it’s not a bad idea to allow employees to bring in their own device, there are some risks you should note.  One, is does that device have the proper security?  Is it backed up?  Of course you would not back up this device to your corporate network, so what would happen if the data is lost?  Is there antivirus and antispyware on it?  Is the employee the only one who uses this device?

A system needs to be set up as to how these devices will connect to the company network, and how they will access the corporate information.  You also want to make sure your network has the proper security in place to receive these device without breaking protocol.

Tier3MD now offers Mobile Device Management.  With our management software, BYOD is much easier to handle.  We use an award winning cloud based platform that enables enterprise mobility management across mobile devices, applications and content.

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