Tips For iPhone Users

If you’re working out of the office or house, you never want your iPhone to run out of battery. A dead smartphone can mean missing important calls and being unable to send crucial updates to the team. But with the … Read More

Windows Hello

Log in with Windows Hello to make things simple! You can now log in faster and more securely to your Windows 10- or 11-powered device with Microsoft’s Windows Hello. This feature allows you to log in to your computer without … Read More

Telemedicine Does Have Advantages

At first, I wasn’t too sure but as time has passed, I have come to realize that Telemedicine does have advantages!  It was hard to see the advantages when you are somewhat forced into it by a pandemic, but maybe … Read More

Which Is The Safest Web Browser?

You often don’t think of your web browser as being “safe”.  You just think of it as something you use on the internet.  But the question is…is it safe and which is the safest web browser?  Below you will find … Read More

Ransomware Revenue

Ransomware Revenue.  Where does it go?  According to a recent study, 74% of all money that has been made through ransomware attacks have been sent to Russia.  Russia has denied these accusations however the bad actors are highly likely to … Read More

Online Scheduling for Medical Practices

The Benefits of Online Scheduling for Medical Practices When patients choose a healthcare facility, their primary consideration is quality of care. However, convenience and organization are also becoming increasingly significant factors, as patients want their experiences to be as simple … Read More

Do You Have Zombie Accounts?

Zombie accounts can come back and really bite you.  Do you have zombie accounts?  Do you know what they are?  Simply put, Zombie accounts can kill your practice.  They are old online accounts that you never use, never think about, … Read More

Zelle Fraud

The latest craze in trying to steal your money is Zelle Fraud.  Most people think that because it is through the bank that it is safe.  It is.  The TRANSFER is safe.  The problem comes when you initiate it and … Read More

Russian Cyberattacks Are Coming

As we watch the battle for Ukraine unfold, the United States is preparing for another kind of invasion.  Russian cyberattacks are coming and we are watching it very closely.  The CISA head, Jen Easterly says “the nation should brace for … Read More