Your MSP Has a Partner

Did you know that your MSP has a partner?  Your MSP (managed service provider) should have many partners!  Tier3MD and Discovery Computers and Forensics prides itself on the many partners they have in order to provide better service to you, … Read More

What Does Your Website Look Like?

I have posted this in other blogs, just how important it is to have your website up to date, modern and informative.  What does your website look like?  Does it look like you have a professional business, or is it … Read More

HIPAA Covid-19 Challenges

HIPAA has not been as much in focus as it has been in the past.  Make no mistake about it, it is still being enforced, and it still matters. Even though there are HIPAA Covid-19 challenges, we still need to … Read More

The Healthcare IT Girl!

Did you know I was the Healthcare IT Girl?  Surprise!  It’s me!  I have been running this blog for quite a few years and enjoy sharing information with anyone who cares to read it!  I have been using The Healthcare … Read More

7 Tips for Preserving Office 365 Data

  Microsoft understands the value of business data and the costly repercussions of losing it. That’s why they’ve released a slew of security and compliance tools for Microsoft 365 subscribers. But given the increasing sophistication and frequency of data breaches, … Read More

Locking Down Your Child’s Phone

I have gone back and forth on if I should get my daughter a phone.  She is 13 and will be 14 in September.  I’ve read numerous articles on locking down your child’s phone.  All they did was scare me!  … Read More

Be Careful on Microsoft Teams

Right now, you need to be careful on Microsoft Teams.  Unpatched versions are potentially vulnerable to an account takeover attack by hackers using GIF files or links.  An attacker can send a link or GIF file that, when processed by … Read More

Shopping for Antivirus Software

Have you ever gone shopping for antivirus software?  I know a lot of PC’s come with something built in, and Microsoft has some tools, but if you think cybersecurity is only for big practices, think again. Small- and mid-sized medical practices … Read More

Cybercriminal Arrested!

A major player in cybercrimes was arrested in Dubai at his lush waterfront apartment on July 2nd.  He flaunted cars, designer items, airplanes, helicopters and more.  His lavish lifestyle was nothing short of amazing.  It’s very rare that I see … Read More

Here Comes iOS 14!

Just when you started getting used to iOS 13 here comes iOS 14!  This isn’t a big deal for some people but for me, it’s huge.  This effects different software, medical equipment, forensic equipment and more.  Every app out there … Read More