Guest WiFi

Do you offer guest Wi-Fi in your  medical oractuce??  Today, Wi-Fi isn’t only crucial for your employees to get work done; it’s also a necessary amenity for your office guests. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to set … Read More

Employee Information

I always talk about HIPAA and protecting your patients data.  Today I want to talk about your employee information.  It is just as important to protect employee information as it is patient information.  Sensitive data is sensitive data.  Think about … Read More

Fighting off Complacency

Fighting off Complacency and Get out of My Comfort Zone. Today’s blog is a little bit different.  It is not about technology, cool gadgets, HIPAA, Medical IT Support or Cybersecurity.  It’s about motivation.  Something we lack and sometimes do not … Read More

Consumer Electronic Show

The Consumer Electronic Show starts tomorrow in Las Vegas.  I always look forward to this because us IT people love gadgets and new technology!  This is the biggest showcase for geeks like us.  From what I am hearing, there are … Read More