Amazon’s Involvement in Healthcare

Amazon’s involvement in healthcare is growing on a daily basis.  In October, they announced that they purchased a healthcare startup to power their primary care program.  The startup is a medical technology company that fits in well with their primary … Read More

HIPAA Breaches Last Week

There were a couple of notable HIPAA breaches last week that I wanted to share with you.  One of them was Brooklyn Hospital.  They were hit with a Ransomware attack.  From what is being reported, patient data was not only … Read More

Is your WiFi up to Par?

Is your home WiFi up to Par?  Have you ever checked it?  You are paying your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for a high speed internet connection, but are you getting it?  Your Wifi may be bringing you down.  If you … Read More

Great Info on the Dark Web

I’m always happy to pass on great info on the dark web.  There is so much information our there and a lot of good information that I think everyone needs to know.  Go to:  it:  I think you will find it … Read More

Up Your SEO Game

It’s not a bad idea to up your SEO game.  SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the key to being found on the web.  It’s an art within itself and it changes constantly.  Why have a website if you don’t want … Read More

Industry Changes for MSP’s

The industry changes for MSP’s is happening rapidly before our eyes.  As you know, Tier3MD is an MSP which stands for Managed Service Provider.  When I started this company in 2005, there were no such things as MSP’s. We were … Read More