Unique User ID

I am asked this question on a daily basis.  Do we need each staff member to have a unique user ID?  Is a unique user ID required?  The answer is YES.  Almost every network I look at has user ID’s … Read More

Venmo Attack

I am hearing that the latest phishing attack has Venmo involved.  I’m not surprised because a Venmo attack would get peoples attention.  There are  numerous reports that this is an ongoing attack that has users thinking money has been withdrawn … Read More

iPhone 11

Here we are, up to iPhone 11.  Is it worth it?  I was just thinking that my Apple stock is slow moving lately but I figured out why.  I have had the same iPad for 4 years.  I have absolutely … Read More

Password Wallet’s Are Not Always Safe

Are you using a password wallet?  Password Wallet’s are not always safe.  The leader, Last Pass just experienced a security breach a couple of days ago and has issued a new version for the Chrome browser. The bug was discovered … Read More

Securing Your Practice Against Cyber Attacks

Securing your practice against cyber attacks is a quick guide for the employees.  There are just a few very basic things you can do to ensure you are not jeopardizing your network.  Sometimes what you don’t know can really hurt … Read More

Take Action!

It is time to take action on your network.  The security tools that are out there and no longer optional.  They are there for a reason.  You need to take action now to avoid malicious code, ransomware attacks and viruses.  … Read More