Tier3MD Launches Tier3MD Secure

Tier3MD announced today that it has formally launched Tier3MD Secure.  “We have so much to offer it couldn’t be done in just one company!” says Sheryl Cherico, CEO.  “Because of the unique offerings and heavy focus on security and forensics, … Read More

Ready Set Action!

Ready Set Action!  What am I talking about?  Cybersecurity threats!  Most C-Level executives recognize these threats however according to www.healthcareITnews.com, only 54% of the respondents to a survey said the biggest barrier to meeting privacy and security challenges was a … Read More

CVS Joins the Doctor Business

It looks like CVS is joining the Doctor business.  It was announced on June 5th, 2019 that they will be turning 1,500 stored into HealthHUBs.  Don’t worry, they are not giving physicals and exams.  They are dedicating 20% of the … Read More

Internet on your phone sluggish?

Is the Internet on your phone sluggish?  It could become frustrating when you have high speed internet on your home pc and tablet, buy is is very slow on your phone.  There are a few reasons for this so let’s see … Read More