iPad Security

More and more offices are using iPads.  Have you considered your iPad security?  Most iPads are used in Dermatology offices and work hand in hand with your EMR.   You can take the picture on the iPad and send it straight … Read More

Super Bowl Cybersecurity Risks

The big game is almost here, and yes – it is in Atlanta! Whether you’re going to the game or staying home – there are some cyber security concerns you should be aware of before you settle in for kickoff. … Read More

Important Ways To Market Your Practice

I know I often talk about security, HIPAA, your equipment and your network, so I thought I would talk today about something that could really benefit your practice just as much as Tier3MD does!  Marketing!  Do you do any marketing … Read More

Do You Need A VPN?

Do you need a VPN?  Do you know what it is?  VPN  stands for Virtual Private Network.  If you connect into your work computer from home or a coffee shop, you will want to connect using a VPN. Installing antivirus … Read More

Windows 7 and Server 2008 Replacement

Free Network Scan And Migration Plan Shows You The Easiest, Most Budget-Friendly Way To Upgrade Your Windows 7 And Windows Server 2008 Machines As a local Microsoft Certified Partner, Tier3MD has committed to helping medical practices by offering a network assessment scan and  Migration … Read More

Cloud Pros and Cons

Every solution for your medical practice is a big decision.  You always want to make sure you are educated in informed on what you are purchasing and implementing.  What is a gray area for a lot of practice managers is … Read More

Measuring Money

Measuring money in your medical practice is something you should be doing on a daily basis.  If you can measure the money, then you can easily get a glimpse into how well your employees are doing.  As a result of … Read More

Google Chrome Could Be Very Fast

Believe it or not, Google Chrome could be very fast if you follow these easy steps. Clear your browsing data on a regular basis Chrome stores a cached copy of a website you visit, so it can load the page … Read More