Message Center

Message Center.  Whenever you see this, do NOT click or open it.  This is a scam designed to get your personal information.  In this case, it is very easily recognizable.  The return address is something like  That certainly does … Read More

Starting the New Year

Each year in December, I write 4 or 5 blogs about finishing one year the best way, and starting the new year the best way.  Of course, this is just my opinion!  In all my years of owning a managed … Read More

SSN Scam

I received the SSN scam today.  I seriously cannot believe how sophisticated they are getting.  The call came into my cell phone with the caller ID saying “Social Security Administration”.  I immediately knew it was a scam, but I like … Read More

Lyft Appoints Healthcare VP

By Sheryl Cherico, CEO of Tier3MD. On the latest issue of Healthcare IT News, I read and article stating that Lyft Appoints Healthcare VP.  Her name is Megan Callahan, and it looks like she has some great healthcare experience and … Read More

Are you Backing up your Images?

Are you Backing up your Images?  I have completed quite a few security assessments this month and I am finding huge amounts of data in a file called “images”.  For many medical practices, they do various kinds of testing.  Especially … Read More