Tier3MD CEO Featured in the Atlantan Magazine

LIVING TO GIVE Philanthropy is more than just giving for Sheryl Cherico. For Sheryl Cherico, a respected leader in the health care industry, giving is second nature. As CEO and co-founder of Tier3MD, a leading IT support company solely servicing medical practices, … Read More

Increase Cloud Affordability

  Moving to the cloud can save you a considerable amount of money, which explains its rise in popularity over the years. What many practices fail to realize is that some cloud services come with hidden costs. And while they … Read More

I Love October

I love October.  It is by far my favorite month of the year.  The weather is changing and becoming more manageable, the leaves are starting to turn, apples are growing in the orchards, and the electric blanket is at the … Read More

Desktop or Laptop

Desktop or Laptop?  I know I wrote about this years ago but it is still a question I am asked, even today.  In today’s world, computers are an essential investment. Considering the tight budgets of small- and medium-sized medical practices, … Read More

Be Careful With External Drives

I just wanted to give you a quick reminder to be careful with external drives.  A lost external drive can cause a HIPAA breach that you certainly do not want to deal with.  When you are backing data up to … Read More

SharePoint Vs One Drive

SharePoint Vs One Drive Storing files in the cloud is common nowadays, making things convenient for business owners who want to manage their data on the go. But the number of ways to do this can be daunting, especially to … Read More

Tier3MD CEO Invited to DMU Faculty

Sheryl Cherico, the CEO of Tier3MD has been invited to join the faculty of Doctors Management University (DMU).  Doctors Management Universtiy is a medical and healthcare firm started in 1956.  “We enjoy aligning ourselves with healthcare consultants as they share … Read More

7 Thing We Do Better

7 Things We Do Better Than Other IT Companies Immediate Response – GUARANTEED. We answer our support lines LIVE and guarantee to have an engineer working on resolving a critical problem within 20 minutes. Most other IT firms DON’T guarantee response times … Read More