Don’t let hackers fool you!

Don’t let hackers fool you!   The volume of malicious cyber attacks is increasing every year. Although many companies use the latest network security systems, they aren’t immune to the hackers’ favorite strategy — social engineering. Unlike malware, social engineering tricks … Read More

Tier3MD CEO Publishes Book

Sheryl Cherico, CEO of Tier3MD has published a paperback book for physicians and practice managers titled Healthcare IT Support for Physicians and Practice Managers.  The book is available on Amazon and can be purchased for $19.99.  The book is a … Read More

Employee Education

I have said it time and time again…HIPAA security starts with employee education.  You can lock your systems down, run scans, use antivirus, do regular patching etc.  All it takes is for an employee to click on something, or upload … Read More

5 Reasons You Need Forensics

When breached, a practice has to fully understand how the breach happened.  One of the easiest, and best ways to do that is to use forensics. Tier3MD has partnered with Discovery Computers and Forensics so medical practices can fully investigate … Read More

5 Virtualization Options

Keeping up with tech trends as a small- or medium-sized business owner is tough. Virtualization is a great example of this. From the boost to network security and ability to scale your workstations and servers according to your business growth, … Read More

Medical Managed Service Provider

How A Medical Managed Service Provider Can Change Your Practice Strategy Every medical practice, small or large, has 3 basic levels of technology support needs. 1. Make sure it works – Every practice, from one Physician to forty, needs IT … Read More

Office Moves

Office moves can be very stressful if not planned properly.  Are you moving your office?  Are you adding an office?  If you are, planning the move properly and well in advance is the key to a successful move/add.  Below is … Read More

Paying for Windows 7 Support

If you still have Windows 7 computers after January 14, 2020, will will be paying for Windows 7 support.  It looks like Microsoft learned a hard lesson while phasing out Windows XP.  They ended up supporting it long past its … Read More

Android Malware

Android Malware Could Access Your Pictures And Calls Android users have a new threat to contend with, according to a sixteen-page whitepaper outlining a new malware strain. The paper was published by a group of security researchers working for Bitdefender. … Read More