Kids Love Youtube

Shocker!  Kids love Youtube!  Actually…I love youtube!  I actually learned how to the “thread the bobbin” for my sewing machine, work with Adobe Photoshop, assemble a green house and play guitar using Youtube!    I wish I had Youtube while … Read More

Facebook Tracking

Facebook tracking has been big news lately. Why are we surprised?  When you voluntarily give out your private information, expect it not to be private anymore.  Let’s face it, Facebook is a very public platform.  If you really want to see … Read More

MIPS 101

MIPS 101 is really just a quick overview of what in involved in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System.  Because CMS is required to implement quality payment incentives (Quality Payment Program) to reward values and outcomes, it uses the MIPS system … Read More

SamSam is Back

It looks like SamSam is back.  Not that it ever really went away.  It a report published in Healthcare IT News they talk about how SamSam is back and still pummeling the healthcare industry.  Hackers have hit at least eight … Read More

7 Tips for Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning is always something that is overlooked.  I’m not sure if this is because of the time it takes to put it together, or because practices think a disaster will never happen to them.  First off, what do … Read More

Panera Bread Hack

By now, you probably heard that there was a Panera Bread hack.  This hits close to home, as I have spent many weekends in Panera Bread building my business.  One of our Tier3MD partners, ID Agent published information on the … Read More