Tier3MD Named Tech Elite Solutions Provider

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:           Sheryl Cherico Tier3MD                                               770-670-6840 x2201 Sheryl.Cherico@tier3md.com   Tier3MD Named One of 2018 Tech Elite Solution Providers by CRN® Tech Elite 250 list recognizes IT solution providers with deep technical expertise and premier certifications Atlanta, GA … Read More

Eradicating Failure

Eradicating failure and addressing the physicians fear of downed networks has become a hot topic of conversation in practices all over the country.  With the greater dependency on technology, a paradox is presented that the consequences of a network failure … Read More

City of Atlanta Hit by Ransomware

The city of Atlanta has been hit by a ransomware attack.  The FBI is working with the City of Atlanta to determine what is causing problems on the city’s computer network. “The City of Atlanta is currently experiencing outages on various … Read More

Tier3MD Helpdesk

Have you had the experience of using the Tier3MD helpdesk?  I am so proud of this crew!  They are the face of Tier3MD, and the most underrated group of people in the company.  I am truly blown away at what … Read More

Various Projects

Various projects are a huge part of what Tier3MD does for medical practices.  When people think about Tier3MD being an outsourced IT group, they sometimes don’t consider IT projects, they just think about IT support and maintenance.  Tier3MD has been the … Read More

Windows Patching is Important!

In case you missed it, Windows patching is important!  Considering Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is one of the most common methods of administration in a network and WinRM is right behind it, this is why it is important to patch/update and … Read More


Do you have any experience with the Microsoft Hololens?  2 years ago I had the honor of serving on a panel of women coders, called Codess.  Codess was founded by Microsoft as a community for female coders.  It is designed … Read More

Mac or PC?

If there is one question I get constantly, it’s Mac or PC?  I can never answer it.  For me personally, it’s even Steven!  I have an iMac, an iPad, and a MacBook Air.  No iphone 🙂  I also have a … Read More

Meet Sheryl Cherico

Meet Sheryl Cherico, the CEO of Tier3MD!   Meet Sheryl Cherico of Tier3MD in Chamblee

Budgeting for New PC’s

At some point, you practice may want to consider budgeting for new PC’s.  I am finding that more and more, practices wait until the PC’s dies, and have it replaced.  There’s nothing wrong with this if:  1.  You have a … Read More