2018 Plans

Have you started thinking about your 2018 plans?  I started thinking about them in 2015, and now it’s here!  As a business owner, I always like to plan in 3-5 year increments.  Of course, the goal is always to provide … Read More

Cyber Monday Deals

My favorite time of the year!  Cyber Monday deals!  I love to go to Amazon, or Walmart and see what sales are going on, and what I can buy.  Sometimes I find really great deals, and sometimes I wonder how … Read More

Being Thankful

Around this time of year, I always think about being thankful, and what I am thankful for.  As the owner, and CEO of Tier3MD, I am thankful for many things.  Aside from my family, I am thankful for my job.  … Read More


How many times have you heard the 3 letters, IoT?  Do you know what IoT means?  Simply put, it is the “Internet of Things”, and it’s amazing how many things, make up the IoT! What is IoT? The Internet of things (IoT) … Read More

Disaster Recovery Audit

Have you considered a Disaster Recovery Audit?  If not, you should.  It is nothing to be afraid of! There are 3 steps to this process: Identify all data and IT-related functions (like credit card processing, documents on your file server, … Read More

Netflix Phishing Scam

The latest email you need to look out for is the Netflix Phishing Scam.  If you receive an email saying your account is disabled, DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING!  Scam or “phishing” emails that look like they’re coming straight from … Read More

10 Tips for a good Security Assessment

October thru December are critical months for security assessments.  There is no “blue print” for the perfect security assessment.  I have listed 10 tips for a good security assessment.  If you can follow these, you will cover everything you need … Read More