Score your IT Support

Score your IT Support Have you ever attempted to score your IT support?  If not, take this quick quiz to see if you are getting good support, great support, or substandard support. Do they respond to emergencies in 1 hour … Read More

Banning Kaspersky

I can’t say I am surprised to hear this.  The US Government is banning Kaspersky.  I was at a conference last month in Orlando with other managed service providers, and there was a whisper among my peers that Kaspersky had … Read More

Becoming the BEST

Tier3MD IT Support Becoming the BEST At Tier3MD, we are working very hard at becoming the best IT support group for medical practices.  Our processes are constantly being refined and our main goal is you, the customer.  We want to … Read More

Working From Home

With the hurricane approaching, a lot of people are working from home.  For Tier3MD, this means calls to the helpdesk, and tickets placed for VPN support.  We are happy to help you, but to make it easy and avoid delays … Read More

Tips for Severe Weather

With Irma lurking, below are a few tips for severe weather, and protecting your valuable computer equipment.  The most calls we receive at our helpdesk are weather related, whether there was a lightning strike, power outage, windstorm, or water damage.  … Read More