Healthcare IT Shortage

Here we are in 2017 and we are still experiencing a healthcare IT shortage.  As a healthcare IT professional, I am entrenched in the field, and do quite a bit of hiring.  As my MSP (Managed Service Provider) company has … Read More

Ransomware Fact Sheet

With all the ransomware attacks going on this week, I wanted to post some information regarding the OCR and ransomware.  Feel free to download this ransomware fact sheet. RansomwareFactSheet It has been debated if a ransomware is actually a HIPAA … Read More

Doctors Office IT Services

The main thing that Tier3MD provides is doctors office IT services.  When we started back in 2005, we were already entrenched in doctors office IT services so we just decided to keep it going.  I had planned that at some … Read More

Google Protecting ePHI

This is great news!   Google protecting ePHI and other sensitive patient medical records is extremely valuable to the healthcare field.   It was announced today that Google will be removing medical records data from it’s search engine results. Google … Read More

3rd Party IT Management

Is your practice using 3rd party IT management?  If not, you should really consider it.  As a managed service provider (MSP) otherwise known as 3rd party IT management, I can give you some very compelling reasons why now is the … Read More

HIPAA Sanction Policy

Do you have a HIPAA sanction policy?  I find this to be an easy, necessary policy that everyone should have.  Plus, it is required.  I think there is a lack of understanding with the HIPAA sanction policy.  Some people are … Read More

Healthcare Fatigue

I really think I have Healthcare fatigue.  Is that really a diagnosis?  I may have to give it an ICD10 code!  This is just a fun article.  I hope you enjoy it! Why I have Healthcare Fatigue We are constantly … Read More

Locky Ransomware

Locky ransomware is back!  Why is it that for the past few weeks, most of my blogs have been about ransomware, security, malware attacks, etc?  It’s really getting out of control!  The locky ransomware attack has reared it’s ugly head … Read More

Cybercriminals Attacking Medical Devices

Cybercriminals attacking medical devices  is becoming more and more common.  They are attacking with ransomware and other malware since they are both soft targets and, because they are often essential to patient’s lives, hackers have considerable leverage when demanding payment. … Read More

Hackers Target Plastic Surgeons

It is making sense that hackers target plastic surgeons.  Not because they have health information records, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc., but because they have not figured out that when hackers target plastic surgeons, they have a DUAL … Read More