EClinicalworks FAKED Certification!

WOW!  I can’t believe it!  EClinicalworks faked certification!  I am shocked!  The article just came out a Healthcare IT News.  The had to pay over $155 million dollars to settle the suit.  Here is what happened. Faked Requirements Electronic health … Read More

Microsoft Patches and Updates

If you really want to protect your IT systems, make yourself very familiar with Microsoft patches and updates.  Microsoft is constantly putting out new patches  and updates to help protect against viruses and ransomware.  The problem with the Microsoft patches … Read More

Microsoft Buying Security Firm

I guess this is not a real shocker!  Microsoft buying a security firm just makes sense.  Since it’s operating system is targeted relentlessly, I would say this is a good move! Who are they buying? Microsoft is reportedly looking to … Read More

Healthcare Security Professionals

Do we have enough healthcare security professionals?  Has the skill become so important that it is ahead of the industry?  IT professionals can hardly keep up with the latest technology. Throw an intense layer of security on it, and it … Read More


I just wanted to do a quick blog on how OpenDNS is protecting our customers.  We have been rolling this out across the board for the last few months, and with this attack this past weekend, we are happy to … Read More

WannaCry is slowing down

Thankfully, the ransomeware attack know as WannaCry is slowing down.  The damage in the US is nothing compared to other countries.  Still, there is still the threat of a “second wave’ that can hit at any time. According to, … Read More


This past weekend, and today, the ransomware attack WannaCry has been wreaking havoc across the globe.  WannaCry (just for the record, I hate that name) has been reported in schools, hospitals, offices, transportation departments, banks, government agencies and more. Apparently, … Read More

Your IT Solutions Provider

Who is your IT solutions provider?  Are you working with one right now?  If not, I have 5 great reasons why Tier3MD should be your IT solutions provider. Started in 2005, Tier3MD was formed to assist physician practices with their … Read More

Parking Violation Hack

Have you seen an influx of viruses trying to get in via email?  I just received the parking violation hack.  Unbelievable.  Unless you think it through, you could easily succumb to something like this and give the hackers your personal … Read More

Dropbox Virus

You may not have noticed it yet, but there is yet another dropbox virus going around.  These are what we call “Phishing” schemes.  It’s when the attacker tries to fool you with a very real looking website in hopes that … Read More